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The Stress-Free Way To Replace Your Windows

As we see it, there are a lot of pitfalls for homeowners shopping for replacement windows in Baltimore Metro and Washington DC areas. On the one hand, you have the companies advertising absurdly unrealistic pricing and then either installing a very low quality window or pulling a ‘bait and switch’ and selling you a window at a higher cost. On the other hand, you have those companies trying to sell you ‘pricey’ windows that don’t provide the additional benefits to justify the additional cost. In many cases what you are really paying for is their hyped marketing and their large sales force.

We’re different. We have found that homeowners want exactly what we offer: fairly-priced, superior quality windows that are sold honestly, minus the hype.

High Quality Vinyl Windows

Vinyl is very low maintenance – no painting ever. Vinyl windows are energy efficient – especially if you choose the right glass package. And vinyl windows are durable – the windows we offer come with a true lifetime warranty.

Now we know that there are other window materials that are also low-maintenance, durable, and energy efficient. But they often come with a price tag that is much higher than it needs to be. The advantage of vinyl is you get all the benefits, but at a reasonable price.

Different window styles have different features – not all apply to every style of window:

  • Better structural integrity with heavy duty multi-chambered extrusions
  • Super easy operation including the Teflon® coated constant force balance system
  • Tilt-in windows for easy cleaning
  • Excellent strength from I-beam reinforcement – and it adds insulation value, too.
  • Increased energy efficiency with foam-filled frame and sashes
  • A crisp look with shadow grooved welded sashes
  • Double strength glass
  • Triple weather-stripping seals

The Majestic Signature Series

At Homelife Remodeling Inc. , we have found a window manufacturer that is the perfect combination: they have a “craftsman” mindset when it comes to quality, and a “personalized” mindset when it comes to service.

Majestic Windows are manufactured by a family-owned company in New Jersey. Because they are not a mammoth company cranking out windows like widgets, they are very focused on the details of their product.

An example of their attention to detail: their screen frame is much more substantial than is typical and is properly pinned together at the corners. Many companies use a few cheap screws instead and the screens quickly fail. Is this a ‘just a small detail?’ Yes. But it is these small details that add up to make the difference between a poor replacement windows and truly outstanding replacement windows in Baltimore Metro and Washington DC areas.

  • Installation: We promise a great installation for your replacement windows in Baltimore Metro and Washington DC areas… and we back it up with this statement: you don’t pay us anything until we have completed your project to your satisfaction. What better assurance can you have that we will properly install all your windows? Also, don’t forget you will have the owner’s direct line – he wants to hear from you if you have any issues or concerns during any part of this process.
  • Security and Safety: In an emergency, it is crucial that your windows operate correctly in case they must serve as an exit. If your old windows are difficult to open, that is a safety hazard. On the other side, you want your windows to provide as much security as possible. While no window can stop everything, Majestic Windows come with the option of DualTech™ locks with steel reinforced locks and keeper rails. You can also have ASTM certified night latches – your windows can be partially open for ventilation but with the extra security of these heavy-duty night latches.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Majestic Windows comes with a Lifetime Warranty – in writing. It covers everything from the frame and sash to hardware and screens – it even covers glass breakage! The bottom line is you are getting a real warranty you can count on.
Window Styles:
  • Double Hung
  • Slider
  • Picture
  • Casement
  • Bay and Bow
  • Basement
  • Awning
  • Garden Windows
  • Patio Doors

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